Mandurah Tree Advocates


                                                          Site firmly planted on 17July 2016 & like trees will continue to grow       


 Mandurah Environment and Heritage Group welcomes you to Mandurah Tree Advocates (MTA). 

We thank the providers of material to this website which are provided in good faith as a service to the

                                             community and acknowledge that it is not an endorsement of this website.

MTA encourages planting of trees and shrubs in urban locations e.g. street verges,parks,reserves and home gardens.

                     Our preference is Western Australian species and hybrids thereof   

                                                but not to the exclusion of other species whch also support local animals & birds.                                                                          

   Mandurah Environment and Heritage Group is run by a group of volunteers who care for our natural

and built heritage here in Western Australia.

                                        Membership is currently free to active members.                                           

       To find out more or to register your interest, please contact us,or join us at one of our meetings

        held normally at 4.00 pm on first Monday of each month at Make Place 17/38 Mandurah Terrace (opposite Woolworths) Mandurah.


      To visit our facebok pages or to reach us by email please visit our Contact Us page   


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                                         A report by the University of Western Australia,found that street trees increased median property prices by $16,000.